I grew up in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains, just outside Yosemite National Park.  As a result, I grew up being aware and drawn to the beauty around me.  One of my great joys is taking the time to savor the beauty around us - regardless of mountains, beach, urban landscape or grassy field.  I am the grateful wife of this amazing man on the left.  We have two charming children who encourage us to be thoughtful in our response to the world and fill our days with laughter.  I am often astonished with the privilege of getting to be his wife and their momma.  We recently moved back to Ventura, California after living just outside of Yosemite the last six years...we left one paradise to enjoy another.  The smell of pine trees and mountain air and the power and consistency of the ocean waves are two of my favorite things.  I enjoy strong spice tea, despise the smell of black licorice, have to look at the greeting cards when I’m in Trader Joe’s, and can be lured into staying up too late reading a good book.  The laughter of my husband and giggles from my children are my favorite sounds.  I think it’s difficult to make an uppercase T look pretty, so I have signed my name with a lowercase t since college.  

When our daughter came along and I wanted to soak up the moments, the gleam in her eye when her daddy held her and her continually changing expressions and abilities.  I snapped lots of pictures and did my best to be fully present and pull the camera out what seemed like an appropriate percentage of the time.  We wanted some “real” portraits though so I took her to a local Portrait Studio.  They did an okay job, but mostly it was just posed pictures that didn’t really reflect our amazing daughter...and then I found out many friends had similar studio experience.  So I started learning how to take what I called “real” pictures, and became captivated with the art of photography.

Fast forward another couple of years, and I was asked to do some family portraits, an engagement session and a wedding which led to being asked to capture more weddings and more weddings and lots more family portraits and newborns.  

The privilege of sharing in the joy of day old babies with all their rolls and squishiness.  The privilege of sharing in the joy and pain of final days of a mom who loved others so well and a daughter who took such beautiful care of her mom through cancer.  The privilege of sharing in the radiant joy as doves were released when two become one.  The privilege of witnessing the gleam in the eye of a three year old boy who squeals with delight when his grandpa tosses him in the air.  These are sacred moments.  These are moments I am honored to capture for you.